Journey to Atlantis

I was going to write a blog post about the epic adventure that was yesterday’s Journey to Atlantis. But I decided, why not use the bits of data and writing that have already been created through social media.

Enjoy this storify of our trip.

Adventure to NASA Social

Storified by Alexandra White · Thu, Nov 01 2012 03:51:31

We did it! We did it. Mission impossible accomplished. Welcome to the Space Coast and <a href="" class="">National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA</a>!
Cue transfer at ATL to a flight towards Melbourne, FL
Touchdown ATL! Journey to #Atlantis #NASASocial @DesignLightning Social Cindy
Landed safely in Atlanta. I can’t believe we made it to our flight, 26 minutes to spare. #miracle @NASASocial @NASASocialCindyAlexandra White
24,000 feet
@NASASocialCindy That’s one of the best pictures, & some of the best news, I’ve heard all day!  ^WGDelta Assist
WE MADE IT!!! PHL #NASASocial @deltaassist! THANK YOU!!! @NASASocial #Atlantis @DesignLightning Social Cindy
Boarding. Take that sandy @ Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) White
@DesignLightning why isn’t there an option to "adore" tweets? Calling it a favorite just isn’t enough.Noelle Sciarini
We made it to Philly. TO PHILLY. @NASASocialCindy @NASASocial @ Philly White
A sight for sore eyes.
RT @DesignLightning: Rocking to Starships by Nicki Minaj on the Jersey Turnpike w/ @nasasocialcindy. #NASASocial #nasasocialjokesNASA Social Cindy
@DesignLightning @NASASocialCindy @NASASocial Throttle up, ladies!Lizzy
Meet Maria, awesome @BudgetRAC rental car #NASASocial hero. She got us on our way! #minivanstyle #NYC #HurricaneSandy Social Cindy
We are in line at @Budget and racing against the clock. We have to make it. @NASASocial @nasasocialcindy #sandyAlexandra White
Hey! Look who I found in the long queue @Budget! It’s @DesignLightning! Finally! Journey to #Atlantis #NASASocial! Chin
@DesignLightning Yay yay yay yay yayyyyy!!!!Vanessa L.P.
Alexandra White – Designing LightningComments are currently disabled, but I’d love to have a discussion via Twitter. To say this weekend has been a doozy would definitely be …
For the record, @DesignLightning & I earned our Storm Trooper stripes today. We’re survivors here in #NYC #HurricaneSandy! #NASASocialCindy Chin
It is with great sadness that I say the flight options came to nothing, and I will not be at #NASASocial. I hope everyone else enjoys it!Alexandra White
It is with great sadness that I say the flight options came to nothing, and I will not be at #NASASocial. I hope everyone else enjoys it!Alexandra White
@deltaassist Just sent you a DM, please respond. @DesignLightning & I cannot be at PHL at 7:15 a.m. Did not authorize this flight change!NASA Social Cindy
@DeltaAssist my flight has been changed and I did NOT speak to anyone. Please check your DM’s from @NASASocialCindyAlexandra White
@deltaassist Flights down to MCO cancelled tom. nite. Any help from NY Tri-state area for @DesignLightning & me for #NASASocial #Atlantis?NASA Social Cindy
All flights from LGA are cancelled tomorrow. Well, #NASASocial seemed great while it lasted.Alexandra White
@DesignLightning I know…you have a Space Shuttle to get to!Bill Hart-Davidson
RT @Bknox88: Oh my. This is LGA right now RT @JetBlue 10/30 update: Recovering from Hurricane #Sandy Starling
One week. One week until it’s time. <br> Nothing can accurately describe my excitement.
I think I may have the best luck in the world. NASA Tweetup for Atlantis? Meetups with scientists and engineers? This is unreal.

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