NASA Social Miracles

To say this weekend has been a doozy would definitely be an understatement. With Hurricane Sandy, I held little hope of being able to get out of NYC and to Orlando for my first NASA Social. My flight out of Laguardia was officially cancelled yesterday by 4:30PM, when they decided not to reopen it due to massive flooding. JetBlue eased the pain by writing a blog about the situation and sharing a few photos.

That looks like a place that no airplane wants to be. That being said, what’s a girl to do? No flights out of LGA, limited (and completely booked) flights out of JFK, and no busses out of the city to get to other airports in Philadelphia, Hartford, Boston, or Baltimore.

I was on the phone and on Twitter back and forth with the Delta Assist team, as well as fellow NASA Social member Cindy Chin. She was far more determined than I to get this to work out. By 10PM, completely exhausted from a day with spotty internet and hurricane food (canned soup is only delicious when you can’t eat anything else), I had given up. My other travel companion and friend, Mike McLeod (with whom I saw Atlantis take it’s last leap into space), comforted me through the storm and through my loss of ability to go. I had given up entirely.

Miracles do exist. Cindy Chin was so very determined, and got us on a flight from Philadelphia to Melbourne, Florida (an hour from Orlando). She also rented us a car from Budget in New York to drive to Philly. Somehow, though all subways are still down due to the storm, I will finagle a way to get to the city. At 1PM, we’ll be off to start an adventure to NASA Social.

I couldn’t have done any of this without Cindy, a woman who I have yet to meet. To say I have gratitude would be a complete understatement. I can’t wait to get this show on the road.

A photo from last year at the Kennedy Space Center

Look forward to a post about my social strategy coming tonight.

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