Who I Am

Hey, I’m Alexandra White. I’m currently the documentation editor at Joyent, where I produce written and video documentation for complex technical topics to make them accessible to people of all knowledge levels. I’ve worked in different elements of digital technology, as as a developer for NYC’s PBS station and marketing manager for the North American leader of the JCC movement.

I’ve lived all over the continental United States. Since 2012, I’ve had the pleasure of calling New York City home. When I’m not at work, I’m either deep in the throes of a tech binge (attending hackathons and working on passion projects) or I’m stage managing Off-Off-Broadway (and even Off-Broadway) shows with The Dirty Blondes.

Alexandra at Work

Photo courtesy of Grant Slate

My Philosophy

Effective brand recognition, communication strategy, design, and web development can only come from someone who understands the values and merit of writing.

Success is determined not just through quantitative measures of jobs and analytic reports, but qualitative analysis of what matters for the individual or group. It is important that both measures are actively a part of everything that I do.

I look for experience that will challenge me to be better. Through work with clients and companies to my personal time spent learning new skills, I challenge myself to grow as a writer, communicator, strategist, and engineer. I work hard to craft these capabilities and want to work with people and companies that I value.

Miriam Rinn

Her highly developed design sense results in attractive and usable websites.

Miriam Rinn, Communications Manager at JCCA


I couldn't have asked for a better foundation builder. And she's still cheering from the sidelines.

Sian-Pierre Regis, Founder of Swagger

Laura Julier

She proved herself wonderfully talented in working collaboratively with the team, and brought a high degree of integrity.

Laura Julier, Director MSUPW