JCC Camps Communications Strategy

Open Project

Before February 2014, the JCC Camps department at JCC Association had no social media and communicated only to the camp directors via email listservs. To accompany the new JCC Camps website, I wrote a content strategy for all digital communications with the JCC Camps field and the general public. This was written to set JCC Camps up for success including guidelines of how to communicate certain information, gather new content, and maintain their public personas.

The primary goal of the JCC Camps communication is to engage the community, including staff (full time and part time) of JCC day and overnight camps, camp attendees, parents, and alumni, and create a consciousness of the JCC movement. For external audiences, communication should draw them to read the JCC Camps website, search for local camps, and participate in the Jewish camp conversation. For staff, it should make them aware that they are a part of a movement and invite them to participate, be it by sharing our content with other staff or their parents/attendees or by engaging in conversation with JCC Association’s camping department.

Tools Used