Series: Swagger Videos

Open Project

I was the first videographer for Swagger New York. I came in with an understanding of editing, but was required to learn a new tool: Final Cut Pro. The rest of the team was inexperienced with this tool, so I sought help from a New York University film student and online tutorials. I taught myself how to edit in a week, and immediately began cutting the film already collected into short videos for the upcoming launch.

Over the course of two months, I edited and helped film 38 projects. In this piece, I have highlighted just a few of the videos. In addition, all of the copy beneath the videos on Vimeo is my writing.


About Us: Featured Video

My final piece for Swagger was to create a brief “About Us” video that featured our best work and explained our brand. I came up with the concept and storyboard. I was inspired by our use of polaroids as part of our identity, and felt it would make a big statement to integrate them into our video. Most of my time at the end was spent matching the music beats up with polaroids flying in and out. This video lives on the “About Us” page.

III: Elijah

We introduced a new series, “III,” featuring three looks in three days with specific individuals. During the project name brainstorm, I suggested the series, which was dubbed “Three” by Editor-in-Chief Sian-Pierre, use roman numerals as part of the brand name. Each project consists of four videos: an introduction video and three “days” of style. This particular series featured Elijah Pryor, “Queens’ original retro-kid.”

Spotlight on: Matisse

We interviewed musician Matisse and filmed her performing a concert in NYC. We decided to create two pieces: a spotlight about her music and a style profile. This allowed me to highlight her most recent track, “Better Than Her,” and separate her interview into two films.

Tools Used

Final Cut Pro, YouTube, Vimeo, editing, filming, directing, interview, social media, brand strategy