The American Play Goes to Off-Broadway

I’m so thrilled to announce that a show I stage-managed for FringeNYC, The American Play, was selected for the Fringe Encore Series. This means, we get to do our show in an Off-Broadway space, a HUGE honor for all of us.

I said goodbye to Michigan State’s theater program five years ago. I quit acting and designing costumes, except for a final tour of a children’s show that allowed me to get my minor. I never thought that when I moved to New York, I’d end up working on shows, let alone one that was so incredible. It has been a taxing but very rewarding experience.


Just some of the amazing press we received, if you’re not already convinced:

The American Play part of the New York International Fringe Festival takes audience expectation wraps it up in beautiful and innovative stage pictures, adds in a twist of horrendous tragedy, and then lands you exactly where you know you’re going but don’t want to be.” –Times Square Chronicles

The American Play is honest and frightening because of how recognizable these college students are, influenced by consumerism, media, and the desire to belong.” –StageBuddy

“It’s very possible to say that The American Play was perfectly cast. The three young actors that comprised this play fit their roles to a t.” –Theater in the Now

Social Media Week

It’s Social Media Week in New York City, and I am quite excited to celebrate it with a ton of great events. Due to work, I haven’t been able to attend most of the daytime events. However, I have been able to go to a few of the evening events. A recap so far:

I entered to win VIP tickets to COMMON Pitch NYC in Brooklyn, with the notion of “who actually wins these things!?” Well this time, I won. Myself and 15 others were transported on a party bus from the Big Fuel Headquarters (at 23rd and 6th) to the Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday evening. That’s not to say the ride was our entire prize. Oh no. It was so much more.

The trip began with a stop in Big Fuel, where several blogging and media stations were set up, an abundance of Heineken, popcorn, and Popchips were available, and some of the greatest people were working. I met Amelia of The Next Web and waited for the other winners to arrive. I was introduced two several of the sponsors, CEOs of various companies, and other fantastic individuals. Ming and Pino, the two Nokia sponsors, were introduced and on the bus ride as well. I met Ben Scheim, Director of Social Media Week and VP at Crowdcentric, who was our personal escort. Read more